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Blæhr Vase Small

Blæhr Vase Small

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Blæhr Vase, designed by Linnea Ek Blæhr, examines the incessant poetry of mouth-blown glass. The object is a tribute to the inherent charm that lies in the nature of the material and an unyielding curiosity in the creative process. To allow an immersion in the material's natural depth and sensuous character - and let it take on a tactile form that celebrates the material's inherent beauty. 

Please note that when working with natural materials, the final object may have unique details such as air bubbles and condensation, which may result in minor blurring and color deviations. 


Available in 3 colours, and 2 sizes

H 205 x B 140 x D 140 mm

H 230 x B 230 x D 230 mm

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